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I need space in the studio. So many ideas floating around my head. New directions I want to take my work. But I have no space. The drying/storage racks are full. The walls in the house are full. Help me out and make some room for new paintings.

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Auction Ended Like Peas in a Pod Peanut Banana Split

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Latest work from my as-yet unnamed series…

Gotta come up with a name for these twisted little fruit & vegetable, insect, twisted things series. Had fun with this one today. No name for the painting either. Guess I’m using up all my creativity in the creation of images and the painting process – nothing left for names and such. It is late… […]

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The Gallery Zero and Me

My work is currently at The Gallery Zero in Portland where it will continue to be on display until the 29th. Thanks to Caroline Green for the photo of me beside Naughty Pine. Her work is also on display through the end of the month. I’ll be there the 29th if you want to stop […]

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