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  1. For a few years I focused entirely on watercolor.  This was my medium of choice.  And while attending Eastern Washington University (Cheney, WA 2000-2002) I had an amazing opportunity to travel to the island of Bali (a province in Indonesia) where, for an entire month, I hung out, explored, and painted on location.
    This painting, the Bali Bathing Temple, was in a jungle-like area with bands of macaques up in the trees.  They are evil scary little bastards.  While sitting and painting, a young macaque was watching me.  He worked up the courage and ran over to where I sat and grabbed my water bottle.  Instinctively, I grabbed it back from him – bad move.  I could have been mauled then and there had he screamed for his friends up in the forest canopy.  Instead he bared his teeth and hissed at me, then ran off and circled around behind me.  When I wasn’t paying attention, he ran up behind me and pinched me really hard on the back.  Keep in mind, these guys jump tree to tree and have very strong hands.  I swore I’d been bitten!  Fortunately, that wasn’t the case.  The moral of this story, let the macaque have whatever the hell he wants.