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  1. Pieces of Me 25″ x 33″ Purchase
    Leather on panel.

    A while back I tried something totally new.
    It started when I was called by a gallery asking me to submit a new piece for a show they were having. There were few requirements – a portrait neck up made from recycled materials and a size (that I can’t quite remember).
    So when a small town gallery calls asking you to participate, you would hope they have some idea of what your art might be like, yes?  No. So the owner of this gallery comes to my house the night before the show to pick up the piece. He doesn’t say anything about the content then and there, instead we chat a bit about art. He takes the piece and leaves.
    The next morning, he calls me and goes on about how personally offended he is by the subject matter and that there will be kids there, etc. WTF! He could have said something the night before.  And thanks for wasting my time – I could have been painting instead of cutting up pieces of scrap leather.  Though it did turn out pretty cool.

    I suppose I at least tried something new. Damn, leather is a pain in the ass to work with. And even with the pieces cut – which was a nighmare, they kept expanding and contracting with the morning cool n damp and the afternoon dry heat. Unlikely that I will work with leather again.  I do have to thank my lovely assistant, Heather.  She did a good deal of the work on this piece, wetting and hammering the leather, etc.
    Oops!  Left out some fun information.  We couldn’t decide on a price the night before so he said “It doesn’t matter because nothing is selling anyway”!  Maybe because you are too afraid of showing anything that might stir up some conversation!
    Also, I had forgotten to ad a wire for hanging – which he pointed out.  So I installed eye screws and a wire while he was standing there chatting about art some more.  Really?!