Zombie Zuchini

Zombie Zuchini

A painting I’ve been working on a bit. Thought I’d share the process. You can see early on the charcoal and gesso sketch.
After that, thing glazes of color via oil paint. The latest layers are dry, I’ll have to get back to this one soon.


Hey, I’ve started a new Patreon account. It’s a great way for you to support me and the art I’m working on. Yes, you can make a difference. Hope to see you there!

Hoot & Scoot Final Product

Check ’em out!

Hoot & Scoot Golf Cart

Hoot & Scoot Motorcycle Final

Now that they’re done, need to consolidate some posts so I don’t have sooooo many with similar images…
Bill & Janice, good call on the golf cart – way better now with the changes!

Hoot & Scoot Golf Cart Mockup

Hoot & Scoot Golf Cart

Here is the current version of the golf cart logo.
I feel it needs something but can’t put my finger on it at the moment…

Quick Logo Update

Scoot&Hoot  _close

Here she is without the pink cheeks.

Scoot&Hoot _with golfcart

And a really quick mock-up of the golf cart. It may need to be a topless golf cart (?)

Scoot & Hoot … another work-in-progress update.

Scoot N Hoot _gettin close

Her head is still sketchy.
Trying to work out some specifics.
Eyes need a little work, maybe ears too. Blush on cheeks – different pattern or some alteration? What else…?
Here is the latest.