Hoot & Scoot Re-examined

Owl head was not working out…
Didn’t look like it belonged with the rest of the Logo. Too straight on to do anything with
the beak…

So, re-examined and re-imagined Miss Hoot.
Right now she is very sketchy and possibly too cute, but let me know what you think.

The rest of the logo so far is exactly what it would look like (minus the poor quality for fast web upload). I still need to work on the highlights in various places, details, and of course the lettering. I got side-tracked trying to get the head right.

I know you guys need this very soon – will try to get the head worked out quickly.

Scoot&Hoot Re-examined

Also, if you want me to try a variety of patterns on her face, let me know. Miss Hoot and I are open to suggestions.

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Late Night Test…

Tried to keep her fierce but not too aggressive or angry. (I think that was the word used).
Still too angry in the eyes?
Glasses are working pretty well I think. May need a slight color change to show the glass or a reflection over the top.
Top hat, check.
Big boobs, LOL. Bigger?
Added some rosy cheeks and pinkish nose to soften her up a bit. Maybe a little too much red in those cheeks.
Blue eyes, also to soften her up a bit.
Added a little smile. Smile-ish.
The brown of her outer feathers is a little too brown and dark. Thinking a more golden brown like wheat fields ready for harvest.
Haven’t settled on a font yet – or specific placement of the “Hoot & Scoot” text.
Still need to do work on the mini-doberman.
Thinking both paws of the big guy up instead of one.
I’m almost thinking I want her boots a little bigger.

I’m gonna need this on a t-shirt when I’m done.

Hoot & Scooot_LateNightTest

Owl Head Sketches

Playing with some owl head designs. Ultimately, each will/could have some design worked into their faces but right now mostly working out the shapes.