Sunset on the Lake

Another new, small, painting. 16″ x 20″ on canvas paper. Gotta keep busy, hone those skills and all.

Out of the Mist

Out of the Mist is a new oil painting on 16″ x 20″ canvas paper.OutoftheMist_web


He started out as a moose.
Don’t know what happened.

Practicing my digital painting skills.


Latest work from my as-yet unnamed series…

Gotta come up with a name for these twisted little fruit & vegetable, insect, twisted things series.
Had fun with this one today. No name for the painting either. Guess I’m using up all my creativity in the creation of images and the painting process – nothing left for names and such.

It is late…
Time for bed.


The Gallery Zero and Me

My work is currently at The Gallery Zero in Portland where it will continue to be on display until the 29th.
Thanks to Caroline Green for the photo of me beside Naughty Pine. Her work is also on display through the end of the month. I’ll be there the 29th if you want to stop by and say hello.

Naughty Pine 8' x 5'

Artist’s Statement

I am in the process of updating my website with the idea of contacting galleries and hopefully getting a show or gallery representation. Either outcome would be great. Many galleries now simply accept an email with a link to your site (instead of the old-fashioned box of slides). However, they do want to be able to find very specific information including an artist’s statement. It is that artist’s statement that I am struggling with.

I haven’t written a new artist’s statement since my time at WSU – several years ago. So I dug out my old notes and the written feedback that I’d gotten from faculty. To my surprise I still had all of it.

The notes I’d written for myself were quite a read. A fun little time capsule from the past. It was interesting to re-visit my thoughts from that period. The feedback from faculty was interesting as well, although for a very different reason. Much (not all) of the faculty at that time had some very specific ideas about my artwork and what I should be doing and saying in my artist’s statement.

Some of the faculty decided my work was pornography. Most of the faculty believed my work had no redeeming value. Yet at the same time, the very same faculty members expected me to really push what they felt was the pornographic nature of my work. They wanted to see some very graphic imagery. Odd.

As for the artist’s statement, they wanted the truth behind my motivations and what I’d hoped to achieve with my art. Yet they brushed aside the truth as BS and expected me to tie my work to various artistic movements as though I was inspired by said movements or working within a movement. In their eyes, this would give my work legitimacy. So apparently, my truth wasn’t THE truth.

I can understand why so many people think artists are pretentious and that artist’s statements are crap.

Where does that leave me and my artist’s statement? Not really sure. I will try to be honest and precise. No pretentious bullshit. After that I’ll cross my fingers and hope for the best.

Blogging, Really?…

(First posted on WordPress May 31, 2009 by me).

Alrighty then…

I’m not a writer, author, or poet. There will be grammatical errors, splelling errors, and just plain poor writing. What i am, for better or worse, is an artist. I think and communicate visually.

I’m 40 years old. I am not in any way successful, though i have experienced brief moments in the spotlight. Just enough to make me want more. I have no money, i drive an 84 chevy s-10 that has more rust than the sky has blue. I’m married to a wonderful woman who grows impatient with my art career or lack thereof. I teach art classes at a small town community college where most of my students couldn’t care less about art – they just want/expect an easy A. Want to know more? Feel free to ask.

So why am i starting a blog?

a) as an experiment

b) to share my artwork in another manner across the web

c) to share my wisdom *chuckle* on art and the art world

d) to get myself to produce more work – gotta keep the blog fresh!

e) all of the above

We’ll see, eh?

I share with you a piece from a few years ago titled “White Noise”. It is a 4′ x 3′ oil on panel. White noise/static fills your head – all that unnecessary input from people around you – paint this, work in such-and-such style, don’t offend anyone, and on and on and on…

My first words of wisdom and likely the most important i will ever share – be true to yourself. I know that sounds cliche but the second you try to please someone else/everyone else, your work will turn to crap. I’ve spent the last several years trying to recover from art school and gallery representation. Both wanted me to change to adapt to their wants and needs. The school faculty to exert control? And the gallery of course for profit. I feel that somewhere along the way i’ve lost something important, something intangible. I’m still struggling to figure out what that was. I’m only now, after several years, beginning to create art that is honest and true to me.

So, hopefully this is just the first of many posts.

I will share with you my past, present, and future as it all relates in some manner to art.

You can also check out my website, which i don’t update as often as i should

Good night and take care,


I Wonder…


As I upload paintings to my website I can’t help but wonder what has actually become of some of them.  Are they still owned and cherished by the original buyers?  Have they been discarded out of apathy or boredom?  Could they have become accidentally damaged in some manner and wound up in a dumpster?

I wonder what has happened to that piece.